Simple. Sophisticated. Superior.

Our Sugar Sticks

By combining years of experience and the highest quality products, SUGART have developed the most innovative and upscale sugar and sweeteners packets in the market.
We only offer best grade refined and non-refined sugar and our artificial and natural sweeteners are the result of perfectly thought ingredients blends.
SUGART’S sticks are manufactured with the best quality paper in the industry, are printed with natural non-fade ink and are specially sealed with air so that the high quality of the product remains intact after 2-3 years time.
SUGART’S stick packets benefits:
  • ☻ Eye catching
  •  Premium-quality, not to be compared with standard sugar square packets.
  •  Contribute with sugar intake and calories count control; helping consumers foster healthier eating habits.
  •  Use less paper than other packets in the market
  •  Avoid unnecessary spills
  •  Easier to store
  •  More visible